Favorites of the month

Hellooo everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day! Since it was the beginning of the year, I thought I started doing a "month of favorites", as you guessed it, once a month! 01. Stella bag – Witchery ($ 30) 02. Advanced cutout shoes – Topshop ($ 70) 03. IPhone Case – Cath Kidston ($… Read More »

Legend of Origin of Silk about Casasilk Fashion

Legend of Origin of Silk about Casasilk Fashion As one of the best deliveries, silk comes from China. Silk Road is effectively known by everyone in antiquity. People today invest in silk products in the past. It feels soft and comfortable. In addition to fashion clothes, manufacturers also make bedding with silk, for example 4… Read More »

Blogger Interview: Chewing Couture

For my third and first interview of the new year, I chose Catherine kautekouture on both Tumblr and Blogspot! I am a big fan of her blogs and love to see her posts on my dashboard! For more information, read our interview below! Tell me a little about yourself? My name is Katarina, I am… Read More »

The best British models off-duty beauty 2014

Best British off-duty models 2014 Models off Duty: Think these guys have free days? what if 1. Lily Donaldson Why do we love him? Lily Donaldson’s has had all of London’s beautiful vibe for a long time and keeps this urban thing sharp and youthful with its own custom tail. Why is this outfit shaking?… Read More »

Clothing of the month

Hi everyone, I hope you have a wonderful day! I have recently tried to think of more ways to keep this blog going especially when I get into the tougher stages of high school, so this is one of my ideas! I thought I would collect a small selection of my favorite Polyvore products over… Read More »

Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

Hey! I hope you all have a good day! Are you excited for Valentine's Day? I doubt I will get one but there is always hope hehe! I've received a couple of messages on my Tumblr asking for ideas on what to wear on Valentine's Day and for dates, so these are my best outfit… Read More »

Blogger Interview: therunwaygirl

Hey! Today I publish my fourth interview. For this post, I chose to interview Grace from therunwaygirl on Tumblr. Since I started running my blog, I have followed her and always loved her outfit choices. Read below to learn more about this wonderful blogger! Tell me a little about yourself? My names Grace and I… Read More »