About Us

Tell me a little about yourself?My name is Katarina, I am 19 years old and from Copenhagen in Denmark. I study English at university and run the blog kautekouture.com and the Tumblr blog kautekouture.tumblr.com!
How did you start blogging?I have loved reading blogs for as long as I can remember and I think about 4 years ago I started my first blog, which I did not really have a clear idea about so it did not last that long. Last spring I decided to start a blog on Tumblr and from there I decided that it was something I really liked and wanted to do more seriously, so I started this blog!
What would you say your blog is about?Mainly fashion, definitely. I put out my own clothes, my perception of how I would style different pieces or objects from a collection. I love beauty and lifestyle blogging as well, so there will certainly be posts about it too, but I try to stay in fashion!