Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

By | May 21, 2020

Hey! I hope you all have a good day! Are you excited for Valentine's Day? I doubt I will get one but there is always hope hehe! I've received a couple of messages on my Tumblr asking for ideas on what to wear on Valentine's Day and for dates, so these are my best outfit ideas! Hopefully you will like them and be able to impress not only your date but everyone!
This is one of my favorites! I love the fluffy topshop sweater worn with statement shorts. I added a cute pork hat, cropped boots and an Effie satchel by Mulberry. This outfit would also go well with tights for those in the cooler areas!
For this outfit I used a cute sweater with a love heart on the front to stay in Valentine's spirit! I also chose a plain black jacket and a pair of jeans. Together with Alexander Wang Rocco bag and Topshop Advance cut out boots. This would work well for cute dates maybe to the cinema or for a late night stroll!
This outfit can easily dress up or down with just a few changes! I chose a coat that I really like from H&M, a simple white blouse that can be fixed in the intended leather dress. A pair of cute heels or heeled boots would go well with this outfit!
This outfit is more of a formal / go out look! I chose a black boyfriend blazer and a necklace lace crop, both from Topshop. Paired with jeans in high waist and heeled boots is an easy way to extend your figure and gain some extra height.
For the last costume I paired one cream skater dress with a few black heels, a Bayswater bag from Mulberry, a cute pork hat from Topshop and Asos rings. This outfit is extremely cute and flattering without looking over the top! Super easy to pair with a crop blazer or cardigan when it gets cold!
Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? What would be your perfect date? What is your favorite romantic movie? Let me know in a comment! xxx
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